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Visual Studio 2010 intellisense "consume first"

Published Friday 04 December 2009

Lots of nice new stuff in VS2010 intellisense. See the ScottGu blog post which mentions:
Also particularly nice for TDD-style coding is the "consume first" mode.
You toggle in with control-alt-space, and it stops the auto-complete. It prevents auto-selecting the wrong thing when you name a new class or method that's close to something that's already in scope.
Very handy in TDD tests, because the classes and methods don't exist until you've written the test.

normal intellisense with autocomplete- press space, and you get CategoryTest. Opps!

Consume first (Ctrl-Alt-Space): no auto-select (you have to click from the dropdown), and the suggestions includes "Category" even through it doesn't (yet) exist.

It then provides "Generate class" hints, and a "Generate Other" dialogue for more control.

More info at the bottom of Soma's post

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