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Database Schema Reader

Published Monday 01 November 2010

A long time ago I wrote my database schema reader. It was 2005, .Net 2.0 was just out and I was learning about the new features. .Net 2.0's ADO DbProviderFactory had a nice idea, GetSchema, to get database independent schema information. But the GetSchema collections were slightly different for each database, and they were data tables. So I wrote a simple facade over them to get proper classes.

Initially I used it to generate CRUD stored procedures, and then to generate data access code, even including NHibernate mappings. I even did some (simple) database conversions. All this was quite icky, and each time I did the code-gen a different way, but the core facade worked well.

After getting a couple of queries about the extracts I'd already posted, I thought I might as well put up the entire source code. So here's the codeplex project with the source code, and even some basic SQL code-gen.

I picked Codeplex just because it's more .Net-centric than Google code or github, plus I'm more familiar with TFS and Subversion source control. It was pretty easy. I don't expect many downloads (if any!), but maybe a couple of people can steal the relevant bits of source code.

Check out the database schema reader codeplex project.

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