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TF31003: Windows 8 vs Team Foundation Service

Published Friday 30 November 2012

At work I can happily connect to my Azure-hosted Team Foundation Service. But I couldn't do it from home. It says it is looking up identity providers, but the logon screen never shows up. I just see the dreaded TFS31003 error ("Either you have not entered the necessary credentials or your user account does not have permission to connect to Team Foundation Server ").

My home machines are Windows 8 and linked to my personal LiveIDs, not my work logon. Windows 8 likes to connect to lots of Skydrive and lots of other services, storing all those credentials. And Visual Studio picks those rather than allow me to add a new one. Deleting entries in the Windows credentials store didn't work.

How can I force Visual Studio to select the right logon?

In Visual Studio, View>Other Windows>Web Browser

In the browser, go to, and log on.

On mine it automatically logged on with another of my logons, so I signed off, and then signed back in with the correct one.

Now when I tried to connect to the TFS service address, it works.

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