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NDC London link dump

Published Tuesday 19 January 2016

A link dump (slides and source) from NDC London, January 2016

ASP.Net 5
Workshop by David Fowler, Damian Edwards. See docs:
Asp.Net 5 authorization workshop by Barry Dorrans 5 Razor taghelpers
Source code:!368067
Asp.Net 5 Security - slides, by Barry Dorrans
Dominick Baier on Asp 5/MVC6 security
Brock Allen introduction to Identity Server

Other .net
Jon Skeet on immutability in .net
Ian Cooper on service discovery - Video of Jimmy Bogard's "Full Stack REST" talk, from another conference (Nov 2015)

Other - Dan North on Business Mapping
Agile doesn't scale, so this maps people skills (and aspirations) to business KPIs - Kelvin Henney on SOLID (yes, open/closed is confusing, but it's really just don't publish public API prematurely) - Bodil Stokke on Javascript generators

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