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NDC Video Link Dump 2

Published Thursday 25 February 2016

Part 1 here

c# Something C# 7 This Way Comes - Bill Wagner (c#7 wish list is ) C# Language Internals - Bart De Smet Under the hood of C# 6.0 - Bart De Smet

Practices/Design .NET Deployment Strategies (Octopus Deploy) Versions are evil - how to do without in your API - Sebastien Lambla Distributed Systems principles Best Practices for Building a REST-ful API - kevin Dockx

Case studies The Times - tools behind a newspaper website (Nodejs, Chef, aws, &, atom-json in S3) Azure Portal - tools behind a big SPA Polyglot Persistence -Ayende on RavenDb

Javascript - ES 2015: The next javascript version today


Not NDC London, but another NDC event (security day) had several Troy Hunt security talks. Some repetition over the his other talks (e.g. 50 Shades of AppSec), but watch these anyway for a very entertaining and informative introduction to security Web Security Essentials by Example Both Sides of the Attack Lessons from 220 Million Breached Records

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