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ASP.Net Core Localization

See github source, sample

TODO: based on pre-release RC2, to be updated to RTM

Nuget packages


RequestLocalizationOptions are configured in Startup.

There are 3 built-in providers to set the culture of a request: QueryStringRequestCultureProvider, CookieRequest ("ASPNET_CULTURE" cookie) and AcceptLanguageHeader

You can set the cookie in an action method

        public IActionResult SetLanguage(string culture, string returnUrl)
                CookieRequestCultureProvider.MakeCookieValue(new RequestCulture(culture)),
                new CookieOptions { Expires = DateTimeOffset.UtcNow.AddYears(1) }

            return LocalRedirect(returnUrl);


In controllers, the ctor asks for IHtmlLocalizer<resourceName>.

    public class AboutController : Controller
        private IHtmlLocalizer<AmazingResource> _htmlLocalizer;
        public AboutController(IHtmlLocalizer<AmazingResource> localizer)
            _htmlLocalizer = localizer;
        public string Get()
            return _htmlLocalizer["Name"];

Access localization via features

var requestCultureFeature = context.Features.Get<IRequestCultureFeature>();
var requestCulture = requestCultureFeature.RequestCulture;


The one nice use-case for dependency injection into views, and there's a tag-helper (the string is the key).

@inject IViewLocalizer Localizer

    ViewData["Title"] = Localizer["Home Page"];
<p>@Localizer("Will be localized") </p>
<p asp-loc>This will be localized</p>