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Project structure

Main changes:


You can "Publish" from VS as before, or "dotnet publish".

The structure (reverse alphabetic order, to explain it better):

Normally it's a FDD-framework dependent deployment, using an installed version of dotnet, It can be a SCD-self-contained deployment, including the .net Core runtime, by specifying the RuntimeIdentifiers (eg "Win10-x64") in csproj and your "dotnet publish -r win10-x64".

Project.json + csproj

VS2015's project.json includes parts that were originally in the csproj, packages.config, and project.nuspec (but other bits were in project.xproj).
In VS2017+, we have csproj.

With VS 2017, this changes to csproj (NB: VS 2015= only project.json, VS 2017= only project.csproj)