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CSS3 Layout

Written September 2012- specs and browser support will change!


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[-webkit-|-moz-]column-count: 2
column-width: 200px; columns: width or count; column-rule: 1px dashed green; /* break-before: column | avoid-column */

Box sizing

The default box model (width + padding + border) is difficult so the old IE model, now called box-content, is preferred (width = box + padding + border). NB: FF is -moz-prefixed, IE 8+/Chrome are not prefixed.



/* set up flexibox */
display: -ms-flexbox;
display: -webkit-flex;
display: -moz-flex; /* FF is behind a preference */
display: flex;
child 1
child 2
child 3

Default for sub-blocks (NB: uses writing direction, clipping of parent)

Exclusions (Wrap-flow)

Free-floats. This is IE 10 only (end 2012), -ms-warp-flow. Auto means no exclusion (overlap), both means both sides.

Exclusion elements define exclusion areas that contribute to their containing block's wrapping context. As a consequence, exclusions impact the layout of their containing block's descendants. Elements layout their inline content in their content area and wrap around the areas in their associated wrapping context. If the element is itself an exclusion, it does not wrap around its own exclusion shape and the impact of other exclusions on other exclusions is controlled by the ‘z-index’ property as explained in the exclusions order section.

Grid layout

Assign the container

/* set up container with rows and columns */
#grid {
    display: -ms-grid;
    /* space delimited columns
    column 1 = auto, size of content
    column 2 = 200px, fixed width
    column 3 = 2fr, 2 fractions of remaining space (2fr+1fr = 3, so 2/3rds)
    column 4 = 1fr, 1 fraction of remaining space (2fr+1fr = 3, so 1/3rd)
    -ms-grid-columns: auto 200px 2fr 1fr;
    /* space delimited rows
    max-content is maximum height of any elements. Also min-content, minmax(x,y)
    -ms-grid-rows: auto max-content 10em;

The assign items to columns and rows.

#item {
  -ms-grid-row: 2;
  -ms-grid-column: 2;
  -ms-grid-column-align: end; /* align to end of the column */
  -ms-grid-row-align: center; /* align to center of row */

Two items in the same row will overlay (use z-index)